When the ball and chain cannot be undone …

Gay marriage is not a major topic on my radar by any means (even having stood up IN one).  Not being gay or having any marriage prospects, this is not something that I ponder on a daily basis …..but something did recently jump out at me as an interesting mental tidbit to ponder:


The gist: a lesbian couple in Rhode Island jumped across the border and got married in Massachusetts. No big deal. The problem now: they want a divorce.The Rhode Island Family court ruled that since the Rhode Island definition of marriage is “between man and woman”, the rules for divorce are the same.

Now mind you, there are some hard core conservative groups who have already sunk their talons into this, realizing that if divorce is granted, the door could be open to marriage between gay/lesbian couples as well (at least I’m sure that’s what they are thinking, who knows what the heck the legal reality is).

 I forget who, but I think it was the astronomer Harlow Shapley who once said “It is easier to get into something than to get out of it.”I guess a marriage, like a black hole, is like that, though especially so for gay/lesbian couples.


One Response to When the ball and chain cannot be undone …

  1. Tom N. says:

    You stood up “in” one, not “to” one. 🙂

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