Cabrera in, Garland out

 For my first real post, I go to the biggest question I have been asked over the past few weeks:  Was the Cabrera for Garland deal good for the White Sox. Let us examine:Orlando Cabrera has spent 11 years in the Majors for the Expos and Angels.  He owns a career .273 average, hitting .301 last year.  He has averaged over 22 stolen bases over the last three years.  Defensively, he owns two gold gloves, but one was way back in 2001!  Jon Garland, on the other hand is only eight years in.  True, 10 and 13 is not very good as he pitched lat year, but the hitting was woeful, and as I recall, he could have easily been about 15-10 with some hitting to back him up.  His 4.23 ERA was the third lowest of his career (only 2005 and 2001 were lower).  It was the fourth year with over 200 IP, and the sixth year with over 190 IP! Now maybe Kenny Williams, architect of the 2005 Champs, knows something we don’t. But on the surface, I don’t see it.  To make a chess analogy, this trade reminds me of sacrificing a queen for a bishop.  It could be good, but I just don’t see it.  Here’s to hoping that Orlando Cabrera has a great season! 


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