And so it begins ….

It seems to me in a world where the less educated encroach more and more on the land of the educated that things like blogs should be outlawed.  I’ve never liked them much, even though I see their value.  But, after seeing Tom’s, and having Al finally browbeat me into getting one ….. here I am.I, like most of my friends, grew up on the hardened  streets of Chicago’s South Side (OK … it was more like the suburbs, but our asphalt was as hard as anything Mayor Daley ever ordered spread on his streets!).  I graduated from a great school, made great by very good teachers and very strong students.  I went to a “public ivy” (you know the school was good because the football team was bad), and entered into my calling: education.  2007-08 is my 13th year, and through good and bad, they have been years I do not regret.While the first three years of my career were south of Madison Avenue (south of which is the Sou’ Side), since then I have been in the antithesis of the South Side, interestingly called the North Side.  Depressed Cubs fans to the left of me, drunken Cubs fans to the right of me.  I clutch my replica World Series trophy in the middle.   It’s a life!


3 Responses to And so it begins ….

  1. Alan P says:

    Well, Tom, nice job getting the blog set up! Now you just have to be careful not to say anything too compromising…

    I’ve added you to my RSS feed at Google (, so I won’t miss a post!


  2. Tom N. says:

    Boy Tom, between the cell phone and the blog, you’re just full of surprises! Next thing we know you’ll be instant messaging or something!

    Just one warning: Don’t get dooced (but certainly read Dooce’s blog, since it is often funny). That is, be careful what you write about your job, because this is a public site.

  3. Alan P says:

    And I don’t even rate well enough to hear about the cell phone until I hear about it here!

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